The Rising Success of Between Friends
Andrew Parker - May 11, 2023

Between Friends is a band that has gained increasing notoriety in the past few years. It all began with a song called ‘affection’, from their first EP ‘we just need some time together’, became a hit. The song resonated with many people who keep entering relationships and friendships where they’re taken for granted. After the band managed to relate with their audience so well, they began to have a consistent theme in their music that revolved around the universal problems people usually face in friendships. Also, ‘affection’ had characteristics of the indie and alternative genre, which they also chose to continue using in their later music.

A major part of why different audiences love their music is because of the wide variety of sounds they manage to display in their music. Their music tends to have a general low feeling to it, and the way they do that is by employing techniques from the low-fi genre. One of these is by slowing down the pace of their music, as shown in ‘affection’, which has 90 beats per minute. This helps give a more relaxed feeling to their music, which makes their audiences enjoy the music more even when they’re tired, as opposed to more upbeat songs.

Singers Savannah Hudson (L) and Brandon Hudson

Getty Images/ WireImage/ Jeffrey Mayer

Another thing that sets their music apart are the vocals. The vocalists are Brandon and Savannah Hudson, both of whom have very different vocal abilities. Brandon has more of an airy voice with a lower vocal range, while Savannah has more of a solid voice with a much wider vocal range that can reach higher pitches easily. This contrast allows them to create very interesting music by mixing both their vocals into a melancholy sort of a sound that can also be versatile and go higher with Savannah’s vocal abilities. Overall, Between Friends is a great band if you’re looking to experiment.

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