The School of Rock Reunion
Marc Gordon - January 7, 2019

In honor of the 15th anniversary of the legendary movie, the School of Rock got together for an epic reunion, making all of us feeling both old and also super excited.  The little kids from the movie, somehow aren’t so little anymore, and we’re not even sure if these kids still rock.

Caitlin Hale, who played Marta in the movie, posted a photo on Instagram this past New Year

s Eve together with the gang from School of Rock hanging out together for the holiday.  Although any  fan of the movie will surely remember the line ”You’re tacky and I hate you” this picture is still undeniably tacky, but we surely don’t hate it. In fact, it seriously rocks.

Most of the crew are now in their late 20s and for the most part, are still involved in making music.  What’s most exciting though is that two of the characters, Hale and Massalgi are now dating!

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