The Second Coming of Dunkaroos
Claire Miles - December 19, 2018

When it comes to cute and gimmicky snacks, the ’90s were a legendary time.  There were few things more epic than Dunkaroos.  And when they were taken away from us, we all mourned.

But now?  The next best thing has entered our lives.  That would be none other than Go-Gurt Dunkers, which is the same concept as our beloved Dunkaroos, but instead of frosting, it’s with yogurt.  They are available in three exciting flavors, including Cotton Candy, Strawberry and Vanilla and are paired with graham cracker cookies.

Rumor has it that they’ve been on shelves for quite awhile already, buy only recently became more popular, and well known when they started to be shared on Instagram.  Of course the frosting in the original Dunkaroos was what truly stole our hearts, but now we can enjoy it in a more healthy and adult way, right? And for today’s children, well they have no idea anyway what they missed out on.

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