The Tamagotchi Mug
Claire Miles - March 31, 2020

For most of us, our very first pet was a Tamagotchi. It was the first thing we really felt a responsibility towards and was also the last thing other than ourselves that we actually fed at this point.  This toy was the ultimate pet of the ‘90s. 

We didn’t just feed them, but we also made sure they got a good night’s sleep and even woke up together with them if they cried (made noise) in the middle of the night. We clearly all gave up on them too fast, and hopefully learned a valuable lesson for when reality hits, if you catch our drift… and if you already have a pet, well then we hope you’re treating it better already. 

But now as we deal with the struggles of adulting, it’s always fun to enjoy a moment of nostalgia and look back at that epic time in our lives. And if those feelings of love and appreciation for your Tamagotchi remain? Well, then we have exciting news for you…

Barnes & Noble now has a Tamagotchi mug available for purchase! And while it’s not quite as interactive as the ‘90s toy, it still does change color with heat.  We’ll take two, please! 

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