The Ultimate ’90s Nostalgia Candles
Marc Gordon - April 4, 2020

Nostalgia can be experienced in many different forms. One of which is through smell. For everyone, that smell that brings you back in time is surely different too…

Perhaps nostalgia for you is the smell of an old textbook or maybe even the first perfume you had. 

Well, if you’re looking to throw it back to the good old days of high school, then perhaps Otherland’s Carefree 90s candle collection is just what you need. It’s the ultimate way to experience nostalgia without having to bathe yourself in some tacky mist that would surely throw others off and has arrived right in time for the ‘90s nostalgia craze. 

The nostalgic line offers three scents including Glosspop, turning your favorite Smackers lip balm into a scent, Blue Jean Baby, taking you back to those high waisted, washed denim, and Dreamlight, offering you the ultimate high school girl mixtape with a super juicy tangerine twist. 

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Even just the names themselves are already taking us back in time… 

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