The Ultimate ’90s Wedding
Laura Lee - December 21, 2018

So you could totally have a standard, modern wedding. But wouldn’t that be kind of easy and boring? Especially when you could throw a seriously epic ’90s wedding and make your guests go crazy.

This doesn’t even mean that you have to get a terrible perm or wear an unattractive throwback gown. But what you can do is take on the ’90s spirit in many other ways, anywhere from your bridesmaids outfits, to the music or the wedding favors.

Get yourself into the ’90s mindset by sending out invitations with a ’90s pattern.  Buy some disposable cameras for guests to take photos of themselves on, just like Monica and Chandler did back in the day.  And if you’re feeling seriously bold, then yes, you should get a mullet wedding dress. If you’re the groom, then how about an all white suit just like the super trendy David Beckham?

If you’re on a low budget, then why not just have it in your parents backyard and honor Father of The Bride?  Then give out slap bands to guests as a wedding favor instead of something personalized and totally useless that they give out at other weddings.

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