The Ultimate Collection of the Most Hipster Moments
Andrew Parker - August 15, 2019


By Shel Silverstein

Lester was given a magic wish
By the goblin who lives in the banyan tree,
And with his wish he wished for two more wishes-
So now instead of just one wish, he cleverly had three.
And with each one of these
He simply wished for three more wishes,
Which gave him three old wishes, plus nine new.
And with each of these twelve
He slyly wished for three more wishes,
Which added up to forty-six -- or is it fifty-two?
Well anyway, he used each wish
To wish for wishes 'til he had
Five billion, seven million, eighteen thousand thirty-four.
And then he spread them on the ground
And clapped his hands and danced around
And skipped and sang, and then sat down
And wished for more.
And more...and more...they multiplied
While other people smiled and cried
And loved and reached and touched and felt.
Lester sat amid his wealth
Stacked mountain-high like stacks of gold,
Sat and counted -- and grew old.
And then one Thursday night they found him
Dead -- with his wishes piled around him.
And they counted the lot and found that not
A single one was missing.
All shiny and new -- here, take a few
And think of Lester as you do.
In a world of apples and kisses and shoes
He wasted his wishes on wishing.
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From wheatgrass shots to dirty beards, torn vintage clothing and typewriters in coffee shops, when it comes to hipsters, anything goes, as long it’s got a hefty price tag on it.  That’s the hipster way to get through this emotional life, but you better make sure to do all things before they become cool. Here are some of the most hilarious moments in hipster history, suggesting that perhaps people have taken this trendy style a little too far…


An Eco-Friendly Ride



Who said you need to live in the Middle East to ride a camel to work? This super hipster couldn’t possibly be seen in a non eco friendly car, and a bike is just way too main stream nowadays. It was only cool to ride a bike before it became cool. He’s surely on his way to WeWork or some kind of co-working space where he’ll have a chai latte in a recyclable cup.



Street Style



Well, this is just pure street style at it’s finest. While eating meat is really not alright for hipsters, wearing socks that have meat written all over them is perfectly fine. And not matching at all is also perfectly fine for hipsters too – in fact, the less, the better.  It’s all about going against what everyone else is doing.


So Stumped



If it doesn’t have a hefty price tag on it – then is it really worth looking at it? Hipsters know how to find value in the things that others disregard, and know the true worth of a unique item. They can turn nothing into something, and less is always more as long as it wasn’t cheap.  This 98$ tree stump is everything a hipster could ever dream of for his home.



Typewriter Transportation



No subway ride really was worth it if you didn’t bring your vintage typewriter with you. Even if it doesn’t actually work, or you don’t know how to use it, and even if you slept the entire ride through, you’ve surely got to mark your hipster status wherever you go, especially though when using public transportation.  That’s the true essence of being a hipster. But make sure you don’t let anyone know that you care what they think.


Pet Peacock



Well, now that literally everyone and their cousin has a dog or a cat, us hipsters over here need to step them up with our unique pets. What could be more hipster than a pet peacock? He likes to go for long walks down the streets of New York City and show off his fabulous color schemes.  Urban Outfitters might have inspired these hipsters a little too much.



The Hipster Mobile



Well, it really doesn’t get any more hipster than this. Having a normal bike with two wheels just won’t cut it. The new and improved hipster mobile comes with just one wheel, and of course a basket for all your farm to table organic purchases. The fact that this bike can’t actually get you anywhere is completely besides the point.