The Ultimate Way To Shake Up Your Summer
Laura Lee - May 7, 2019

How many of us have made pacts with our best friend to make this the best summer ever? Answer: all of us. The thing is, you know how fast you’ll get bored of endless pool days, and a girl can only hit the beach for so long, you know? You’ve exhausted classic summer go-to’s over the years and you’re wondering what to do in the summer when you’re bored and want to shake it up.

Summer means warm weather and carefree living. There is nothing better than balmy night adventures with friends. You’re down for anything that comes your way. From dipping your toes in the water to chasing the ice cream truck with friends. Last year, you most definitely floated the days away on an oversized inflatable flamingo float while drinking a fruit smoothie. Obviously, those are amazing things to do this summer- arguably, no summer would be complete without doing those things. But if you’re game for something different, switch up the routine with these ideas you may not have tried out.

These ideas are unique and different enough that it’ll be like a new adventure. Get hyped! You’ve waited all year for summer and you need to keep your promise to make it the best yet.

  1. Have a picnic with the perfect sunset.

If you don’t have the means to take a vacation this summer, plan a staycation with your BFF! Take your bikes and explore a part of your town or city that you normally don’t get a chance to check out. If you need some inspiration use Yelp or Instagram as your guide. FInd a cute cafe, find a second-hand store or vintage store, or even just that picture-perfect street.

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