The Worst Character On The O.C
Laura Lee - July 17, 2018

When Ryan Atwood arrives to Newport this start to get a little rowdy for the Cooper and Cohen families.  But Ryan isn’t the only newcomer on the O.C that year, and he definitely is not the worst character.
When Anna Stern shows up in the fourth episode, she challenges basically everyone in the toughest way possible.   She’s actually kinda cool for that reason though, teaching innocent Seth Cohen to stand up for himself.  Anna also manages to hit it off with Ryan, when no one else really does.  But then sometimes, she can just be flat out rude and disrespectful.
Of course the O.C wouldn’t have been the same without her, but she can be pretty darn frustrating.  For one, she she’s super condescending, like when she says ‘Confidence, Cohen’  after just meeting up, it’s like treating him like a little boy.  It’s also really out of place when she asks Seth if he ‘Could be any more pathetic?’
She’s also not respectful of her boundaries.  For example when she meets the Cohen’s for Thanksgiving dinner and takes it upon herself to make a recipe that she wants in their kitchen.  Anna’s also got some bad timing, like when she starts to argue with Caleb over the way he is company is functioning, while he’s very clear in the middle of some issues with his daughter.

Anna also messed with Seth’s emotions, telling him she’s going to help him to get Summer, but she really just uses it as it way to get closer to him.  She kisses him at the carnival in front of everyone, and Seth still thinks that she’s doing it to make Summer jealous.

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