The Youngest Olympians in the History of the Games
Marc Gordon - January 16, 2021

It’s no secret that to reach the Olympic games takes unbelievable skill, dedicated training, and a strong determination. Most athletes work nearly 24/7 their whole lives to get into the Olympic games. That is what makes it all the more incredible that there are some very young athletes- some as young as 10 years old- who have made it into the Olympics competing against athletes years older than them. Here’s a look at some of the youngest athletes in history to make it to the Olympic games!


Tara Lipinski, 15


Tara Lipinskil skating

Getty Images/Walt Disney Television/ABC Photo Archives


During the 1998 Winter Olympics, 15-year-old famed U.S. skater won her first gold medal in the Ladies’ Single event. Tara Lipinski became the youngest person ever to hold the title of U.S., World, and Olympic Champion, and then turned professional at age 15, touring with Champions on Ice and Stars on Ice.


Dominique Moceanu, 14


US gymnast Dominique Moceanu performs her routine on the balance beam



The 1996 U.S. women’s gymnastics team known as The Magnificent Seven went down in history. At just 14 years old, Dominique Moceanu was the youngest athlete of the seven. Even though she had an injury that kept her out of individual competition and struggled through team competition, Moceanu helped her team score the gold. She became the youngest athlete to win the gold for women’s gymnastics!


Marjorie Gestring, 13


US diver Marjorie Gestring straightens out just before hitting the water

Getty Images/AFP


Marjorie Gestring was 13 years old when she competed in the Olympics in Berlin, Germany, in 1936, and helped the U.S. women’s diving team win a gold medal. Gestring continued to compete nationally after the 1936 Olympics.


Kim Yun-Mi, 13


Olympic women's 500m short track speedskating



In 1994, Kim Yun-Mi of South Korea made Olympic speed-skating history when she competed at the Lillehammer Games at the age of 13. She won the gold in the 3,000-meter relay and became the youngest Olympic champion at the Winter Games, according to Sports Reference.


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