These Incredible Virtual Tours Will Help You Pass The Time
Laura Lee - April 1, 2020

The beauty of the world wide web is here to save the day from stuck-at-home boredom. Sure, there’s plenty of content, stories, and celebrity drama to pass the time during this time of social distancing. But why not break up the already-mundane Netflix binge or virtual chatrooms that fill up our every last vacant minute? From state parks to world-renowned museums, the internet is offering up some virtual tours that will definitely make you feel cultured and refreshed. Of course, there’s nothing better than being in the great outdoors, seeing the greenery of your local state park, but in these very trying times, virtual tours are the next best thing.

The last time you’ve gone to a museum might have been back in school, so why not spend some time taking a virtual tour of the Louvre? During these trying times being confined to the walls of our home, people are trying to find more creative ways of expanding boundaries- or at least give our minds something new to look at. These virtual tours give your eyes something pleasing to look at other than the inside of your refrigerator. So turn off your phone and zone out for an hour as you explore museum halls, fields, rivers, and more.

Art fans rejoice! Google Arts & Culture is your go-to resource for accessing over 2,500 museums. Take a tour of popular destinations like London’s Tate Modern and the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. Maybe check out the Frida Khalo Museum, or the Rembrandt exhibit, perhaps stroll through the Van Gogh Museum. And for the fashionistas, go on over to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. There are plenty of designer exhibits like Coco Chanel. You can also look at the Louvre in Paris which offers its own virtual tours.

Are you missing Times Square, New Yorkers? Well, look no further! There’s an around the clock live feed of super busy areas in Paris, such as the Eiffel Tower. Or head on our to Times Square at any time of the day. Want to watch the water flow through the Panama Canal? Go right ahead!

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