Three Memorable Red Hot Chili Pepper Tracks
Rachel Jones - June 8, 2023

The Red Hot Chili Peppers is a name that everyone knows. Formed in 1983, this rock band has accrued many accolades over its long and illustrious career. It is considered the best alternative rock band ever, having made it to both the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (2012) and the Hollywood Walk of Fame (2022). The band has released over 250 songs since it was first formed in 1983 which makes it hard to get into its music, especially since the Red Hot Chili Peppers has a history of band members coming and going for a myriad of reasons. To provide a roadmap of sorts, here are three RHCP songs to get you acquainted with their style of music!

Californication is arguably the most famous track the Chili Peppers produced. It’s one of those rare songs of theirs that allows the instruments to take a backseat in favor of lead vocalist Anthony Kiedis’ commentary on the American Dream and ideological control. This is one of the more grounded performances the band has given us in its career spanning four decades, but it is definitely one for the ages!

Getty Images/ Getty Images/ Entertainment/ Kevin Mazur

If Californication is one that focuses more on the vocals, Dark Necessities is its polar opposite. It spends the first 50 seconds focusing on Flea’s mastery of the bass as the instruments slowly build up to a climax, signaling the start of Kiedis’ vocals. If listening to songs while showering is your thing, this track should be at the top of your playlist.

Lastly, we have Can’t Stop, another track that is one of the more memorable RHCP performances. Flea’s basslines, Kiedis’ vocals, Chad’s drums, and Frusciante’s guitar riffs all come together in this track to create something that has wowed audiences live and at home with the sheer amounts of energy it exuded. The live performance at Slane Castle is the definitive version of the song, if you choose to give it a shot!

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