TikTok Dance Challenges Are A Great Workout
Laura Lee - May 18, 2020

For anyone looking for some entertainment right now, as well as some new ways to stay in shape and get active, well TikTok may very well be your answer.  Millions of people across the globe are turning to TikTok dance challenges to do just that from the comfort and safety of their own living rooms.  And since the hashtag #dancechallenge already has over 5 billion views, you might also make your claim to fame while you’re at it.  But putting stardom aside for a second, you’ll surely be overjoyed to hear that all that TikTok dancing makes for a great workout – doing incredible things for both your heart, body, and mind.

Those that have already gotten into the dancing challenges can testify to the fact that while these dances might not exactly appear to be a full-body workout, it surely will feel like it afterward! This is especially true for those that have performed Doja Cats Like That dance.  These dances are suitable for any age and are the ultimate way to feel young, wild, and free. Professional trainers have also even backed up the benefits of TikTok dancing, stressing the fact that it takes a ton of energy, and that it’s a great, dynamic way to burn calories while stuck at home, unable to take a traditional group workout class. 

On top of the calories burned during movement such as dances on TikTok, overall it’s great for our mental health too.  Even if the dances are impossible to completely nail, it’s still a thrilling experience and many of them have a nostalgic factor, helping us relive our childhood memories when we would make up dances with our cousins during holiday dinners. The fact that we’re recording the dance and posting it for millions of people to see is always another major motivational factor for us to give it our all. So who’s joining us for one of the most enjoyable workouts possible? 

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