TikTok Star Dixie D’Amelio’s Debut Single, “Be Happy”
Laura Lee - July 12, 2020

TikTok star Dixie D’Amelio released a new single “Be Happy!” The sister of popular TikTok star Charli D’Amelio, Dixie created the song during social distancing. The social media star first teased the track earlier this month when she posted a video of herself singing it a Cappella on TikTok. The clip quickly went viral racking up over 16 million views and over 125,000 comments within the first 24 hours. Dixie wrote the upbeat tune while social distancing amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. “Sometimes I don’t wanna be happy/Don’t hold it against me/If I’m down just leave me there let me be sad.” The song is catchy and fun and really honest. 

Getty Images/Entertainment/Monica Schipper

“I felt connected to this song immediately,” Dixie said of the single. “I wanted to share the honesty of this message with others, especially those around my age. I remain so grateful for the people that surround me and the opportunities I’ve been given, but some days, as we all know, it’s not easy to be happy.” Dixie said she hopes that “anyone who listens can be reminded that it’s okay to feel what we feel. It’s okay to have a bad day. We all have them and you are not alone.”

Dixie worked in a virtual studio with producer Christian Medice, who has worked with P!nk and Halsey. “I don’t think there are enough songs in the pop world that speak openly about mental health,” Medice said. “I love the fact that it’s a serious, catchy pop song without sounding preachy or corny.” The song was co-written by Medice, Sam De Rosa and Billy Man.

“Be Happy” marks Dixie’s first time ever recording.

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