Tyra & Lindsay Back For Life Size 2
Alexandra Wade - January 17, 2018

After years of waiting and tons of speculation, Life Size 2 is actually happening! This film was a favorite of Disney Channel and ever since 2015, rumors have been going around about a sequel.  The news was confirmed on Twitter recently by Tyra Banks, who played the life-size doll in the original film.

In the sequel to come, Banks will not only be staring in the movie, but will also be an executive producer.   She’s now got a whole lot more control over what happens in the movie. The original version was released an entire 18 years ago and featured Lindsay Lohan, who played Casey, a pre-teen. Casey’s doll Eve, played by Tyra comes to life.
At the end of the movie, Eve decided to return to being a doll and undo the spell. The sequel is set to come to theaters in December 2018 with Eve waking up again to help a young woman love and live.  We’re still wondering who will be playing the young girl instead of Lohan. So far, we haven’t heard anything about a return for Lohan, especially since she’s busy filming the follow up to Freaky Friday. So much nostalgia!
This time around it will have a Christmas twist since it’s release will be over the holiday season.  And since she’s older now, the storyline will be more sexy and edgy.

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