Unbelievable Construction Fails That Will Make You Question Innovation
Claire Miles - May 18, 2019

15 Things To Add To Your Bucket List

1. Travel the world.

2. Eat your favorite meal with your favorite people in your favorite place.

3. Learn a new language.

4. Donate to charity.

5. Help a stranger.

6. Pursue your passion.

7. Watch the sunrise.

8. Dance in the rain.

9. Wish upon a shooting star.

10. Plant a tree.

11. Go on a road trip.

12. Volunteer at a local organization.

13. Tell someone how much they mean to you.

14. Cook a homemade meal.

15. Conquer your biggest fear.

Construction, although not always taken so seriously, is actually an art form if you really think about it. It takes a lot of patience, attention to detail, and talent to get a job done properly. The smallest mistake can lead to a whole lot of mayhem, especially when it comes to a big building.  Some construction fails, however, have gone above and beyond what we could have ever possibly imagined in our wildest dreams….


No, Just No



No matter how tall or short one may be, this bathroom door stall is a major no. There’s no point in even having built a door, since it covers absolutely nothing. We hope whoever decides to go here knows what they’re getting themselves into, and that they are prepared to go viral.



Poor Kiddies



Those poor kiddies is right! Whoever constructed this clearly did not get a very good night’s sleep before getting to work. How is anyone supposed to have fun when this can’t even go around once? Geez.


Going Nowhere Fast



So this what they mean by going nowhere fast. Other than the fact that were not actually so sure that this staircase that leads to nowhere is any faster than just going on the path. It seems a whole lot easier to just keep things the way they are. Construction fail at its finest.



There’s No Hope



In case of an emergency, there’s absolutely no hope whatsoever. We hope that nothing ever happens here, because if need be, we would never be able to get this fire hydrant out of it’s place (at least not in time, and not without hurting ourselves).  Good luck guys.


The Slide To Wonderland



As much as we would love to believe that this slide leads to wonderland, it really doesn’t. Alice is not down there waiting. The harsh truth is that it’s just a terribly constructed park, and whoever designed the layout had no idea what they were doing. We can only hope that no one gets harmed while thinking otherwise.