Laura Lee - August 14, 2018

When we think back to the ’90s, there a few couples that just stand out and are completely unforgettable and timeless.  Even though we know they were acting, we find it hard to actually believe that they aren’t together in real life.

Ross and Rachel from Friends were popular, but the one relationship that has truly stood the test of time was Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky.  They were pretty much the best couple on television. They first met in the second season of Full House, but ever since they’ve never been apart.

They weren’t like every other couple we see on television, which is what made them so special, and  the chemistry between these two actors is undeniable.  Stamos (Jesse) recently shared a picture of the two of them on a boat to honor her birthday.

It’s nice to see that they still get along so well after all this time!

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