Unicorn Cereal, Dessert For Breakfast
Laura Lee - April 2, 2018

Usually, we can tell more or less how a cereal will taste based on several factors.  Perhaps the look, the brand, or the name of the cereal will give it away.  Cocoa Puffs will taste like cocoa, and Apple Jacks will taste like apples. Simple. But when Unicorn Cereal comes out, where should our mind go? Is it like magical? Well, that’s why we’re here to fill you in with the juicy details.

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of trying this legendary breakfast food, then you might have seen some snaps of it on your Insta feed, and it’s without a doubt a sight not to miss.  It’s similar to blue, purple and pink Fruit Loops, but it’s so much more. It taste just like cupcakes, legit.

Is this really a good idea, dessert for breakfast? Of course it is! It’s completely genius. Cupcakes are always a good idea.  Especially so if they come in sugary cereal form.  Whether you like your cereal dry or with milk, you won’t be disappointed with your Unicorn Cereal life changing experience.

This cereal became available on store shelves in March, and if you’d like to get yourself some (which we seriously recommend), you’re best off doing a search through the Kellogg’s store locator.  If you were ever once a child, then there’s no doubt you had begged your mom to have cupcakes for breakfast, and that she said no. Well now is your chance to sparkle every morning and live in your perfect fairy tale.

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