Urban Outfitters Sells Cat Hats
Marc Gordon - February 28, 2019

Cat lovers everywhere, get ready for some serious cuteness: Urban Outfitters sells hats for cats. Pet people love dressing their furry friends up in adorable outfits. There is even a Wikipedia page for “Dog’s fashion.” The website Vox even has a proven history of pets in Halloween costumes. And while us humans may love the ensembles we cram them into, most pets do not. Which is why Urban Outfitter’s is a genius company- just plop a hat on your cat!


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There are five “cat caps” offered on Urban Outfitters website, including a penguin, bunny, and panda bear. They are totally affordable with a price tag of just $8 or $10 depending on which one you choose. These tiny caps are easy to plop on and secure with velcro, so you can snap a few Instagram shots of your cat looking like they’re going to plot your murder.


So what do you want your cat to look like? A piece of fruit? An aquatic creature? A bunny? Although, the bunny hats must have been a huge hit because they’re on backorder until April 18. The fruit hats come in six options: a pineapple, an orange, a cherry, banana, pear, and a peach hat. The aquatic animal collection includes a crab hat, an orca, a yellow and blue fish hat, a blue squid or octopus hat, walrus, and a pink shrimp hat. There are also other cute mammal collections that include a penguin hat, an otter, and a white squid hat. The bunny set comes in four colors: brown, orange, green and pink.


The only catch? If you order online, you don’t get to choose which hat from each set you want. So if you order from the fruit collection hoping to get a pineapple, there is no guarantee that is what you’ll get. Urban Outfitters wrote that they will “pick out one of [the] assorted designs ” for you “as a special surprise.” Either way, you’ll be guaranteed some purr-fectly adorable Instagram-worthy photos.






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