Urban Outfitters x Laura Ashley Clothing Collab
Laura Lee - August 23, 2018

Our beloved store, Urban Outfitters is all about throwing it back and making it the mainstream. They were one of the first to bring back the fanny pack, as well as the mom jeans, the bucket hat and the Calvin Klein logo look. Well now there’s a new return with an epic collab…

Urban Outfitters is working together with Laura Ashley to create a new collection, and it’s going to be the epitome of the ’90s.  Although today the brand is very feminine, it’s thrift inspired past is makes it a trendy collaborator for Urban Outfitters.

Laura Ashley wanted to develop designs and styles that were both brand appropriate, but that worked perfectly with Urban Outfitters.

Their 13 piece collection will available both online and at Urban Outfitters stores, with unique items such as ’90s silhouette floral dresses and modern mini skirts.

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