Vans Extra Retro Sneakers
Laura Lee - April 3, 2020

Vans has recently launched tye-dye sneakers, and if you love sneakers and nostalgia half as much as us, then you’re surely freaking out right now! 

Vans are the ultimate sneaker for a casual, relaxed, no-worries kind of look, and are perfect for everyday wear, especially since they are incredibly versatile and go with just about everything. 

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And now, to make things even more exciting, just when you thought Vans couldn’t get any better –  the Aura collection has arrived! Offering us all a chance at having the world’s coolest, most retro shoes: tye-dye sneakers for an affordable $60 a pair (leaving you with literally no excuse not to get them). 

Just be sure to wear them with something neutral to avoid overdoing it, and also to ensure that these babies really stand out. 

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