Vintage Advertisements That Would Be Banned Today
Laura Lee - August 26, 2018

Advertising is not only the art of selling a product, it’s also the art of conveying a specific message to a specific group of people in hopes they become customers time and again. With the rise of mass consumerism throughout the 20th century, advertising suddenly became as important, if not more important, than the actual product being sold. Here’s a look back at some of the more outrageous moments in advertising that left us thinking who possibly could have approved these for mass production…


1. All Tied Up



Year: 1951


If you want to claim your power and state your manliness, then, of course, you have no choice but to wear a men’s only tie.  Right? This vintage advertisement tried to be punny, and touch on the subconscious of men.  Thankfully, this wouldn’t fly today. Men wear ties to impress their wives, not to tie them down.


2. Don’t Be So Fresh


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Year: 1950


Chase & Sanborn took the role-playing route in this ad for their specialty fresh coffee. Clearly, this man was quite upset that this woman prepared coffee that’s not fresh. The audacity! Well, not quite, and thankfully, today when coffee is less than fresh, things are dealt with slightly differently.  We can’t exactly blame them though, they were only keeping up with the trends of the time.


3. A Dress Without Stress


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Year: 1952


The time has come once and for all! You can now stop stressing over your clothing with this all-new, innovative wrinkle free, water-resistant fabric that will fool anyone that it’s never before been worn. Show them all how much you don’t care by allowing people to just splash water all over you – as you stay calm and just casually laugh it all off.


4. Don’t Get Caught In Her Web

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Year: 1953


No one likes morning breath, that’s for sure. The Chlorodent toothpaste brand wanted women to know that their husband definitely doesn’t like it either, not in any way, shape, or form. Simply use Chlorodent toothpaste and your man won’t look at another woman again.  Or at least, that’s what the company promises in their ad.