We’ve Planned A Perfect Itinerary For Your Trip To New York City
Claire Miles - August 2, 2019

Planning a trip to the Big Apple any time soon? Chances are you’re fairly overwhelmed by all the things you have to do. We know it can be a lot to manage; after all, it is the best city in the world! Here are our recommendations to help make the most of your visit to New York City.


Central Park



Of course, no trip to New York City would be complete without a stroll through Central Park. What is considered as New York’s backyard, Central Park is pretty much iconic. After spending time in the concrete jungle it’ll be a nice reprieve to take a pause in nature. It’s located right in the center of Manhattan so it’s easily accessible. There are tons to see in Central Park; some good spots include Strawberry Fields, the Zoo, and the Belvedere Castle.





Visiting Broadway is a must for tourists visiting New York City. Any show you get tickets for is sure to be one of the most memorable moments from your NYC trip. If you plan on catching a show, it’s better to be prepared. Some shows sell out months in advance, so it might be for the best to order tickets online. Check out websites like ‘Broadway for Broke People’ and ‘Today Tix’. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the show!


Times Square



While you’re already in the area, you should go check out Times Square. If you want to really experience the high-paced energy that is NYC then you have to go there. This is where the true New York special energy you’ve heard so much about comes to life. It’s definitely one of the most touristy spots so it’ll be crowded pretty much 24/7. You’ll see street performers, expensive restaurants, and people just sitting and watching the crowds. It’s definitely worth checking out.


Brooklyn Bridge



It’s a quick walk from Wall Street to the Brooklyn Bridge. No Manhattan trip would be complete without going to check out the other cool neighborhood next door. The walk is a little over a mile long and is totally safe to walk as it’s separated from cars. It’s recently become one of the trendiest spots in the area and the views are probably the reason for that. Get out your camera and enjoy the views of the NYC skyline. Then once you’re done go check out DUMBO, one of the coolest areas over the bridge.


And there you have it! We recommend getting your belly ready for some delicious food. Recommendation: pizza and bagels. Those are two very important things that are almost mandatory to eat while in the city. Enjoy your trip! And welcome to New York!


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