What Celebrities Did Before They Became Famous
Claire Miles - June 26, 2019

Before making names for themselves in the public spotlight, most celebrities held simple, ordinary jobs. Just like the rest of us, they put in their dues working long hours, grueling work, and dealing with bad managers. Check out what our favorite celebrities were up to before they joined Hollywood’s elite. 



Rachel McAdams made orange juice at McDonald’s.


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Among other responsibilities, McAdams was an employee at the fast-food chain for nearly three years. She reportedly broke said orange juice machine while on the job.





Megan Fox was bananas about smoothies.


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The actress was working at a smoothie shop in Florida prior to her acting career. Although, dressing up as a banana and acting like you want to sell smoothies was probably some good practice.



Meghan Markle wrote calligraphy on wedding invitations.


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The soon-to-be royal had a variety of jobs before landing herself a position in the spotlight. Her favorite of her past professions? Wedding invitation calligraphy.





Johnny Depp sold ballpoint pens.


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Before making it in Hollywood, the avant-garde actor spent his days as a telemarketer selling a product everyone needs: ballpoint pens.



Amy Adams took orders at Hooters.


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The red-headed bombshell probably made a nice amount of tips working at the appropriately named restaurant. She didn’t last long as a waitress before making it in Hollywood, though.





Patrick Dempsey was a world champion juggler.



In the early 1980s, Dempsey came in second place in the Junior Division of the International Jugglers Competition (which is a thing that exists, by the way).



Jon Hamm designed sets for porn films.


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Allegedly he only worked on ‘soft-core’ films, and was responsible for designing basic sets for the… erm… actors and actresses.