What Did We Do Before Facebook?
Claire Miles - February 17, 2018

The 2000’s. Those were the days. Now you’re old enough to say ‘back in my day’.  Well, maybe not quite. But you’ve certainly come a long way from those teenage days of being completely obsessed with websites that are no longer heard of, even before WhatsApp and Facebook came to take over the world. Here are some websites that will cause you some serious nostalgia #throwback.



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Oh Myspace. The good old days. It was a place for friends, but really was for enemies because if someone did not make the cut of your Top 8 they were pretty much dead.  It was short lived, from only 2005-2009 before it suffered a gruesome death, but it lived a good life and has us all hooked.



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There is literally nothing that was more amusing than painting your pets, being a terrible pet owner and even getting a trophy for it. Neopets taught us how to take care of business, ranging from gambling to stocks and making money.  Kids today are still enjoying Neopets, but you’ve probably completely forgotten about until we brought it back for you.

MSN Messenger


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Remember this after school every single day? MSN Messenger was not actually a website, but rather an institution with emoticons, display pictures, nudges and epic unforgettable MSN names.


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