What Makes an Office Fun?
Claire Miles - August 14, 2022

What do you think of when you hear the word fun office? Do you think of flexible hours or an easy workload where you don’t see yourself working tirelessly at your job for very little compensation? Or do you think of getting the opportunity to get new experiences at work? Get a new kind of work every few days? Or maybe have an understanding boss and good team members? The truth is that a fun office is an office that actively tries to make the workplace entertaining to make sure you are satisfied and happy with coming to work every day.

Most human resource departments make sure there is minimum negativity in the workplace. They keep a strict check on ensuring that everyone maintains levels of mutual respect, that there are no cases of sexual harassment, racism, or any other kind of biases, and that all the employees are treated fairly and given an equal chance to grow. That, however, is the bare minimum. Good human resource departments make sure they bring positives to the workplace and not just remove the negatives.

They try to make sure you enjoy coming into the office by creating a culture of bonding and friendships between co-workers by creating opportunities for them to bond and see each other in a non-work environment. They could install an office lounge with some board games or a pool table for employees to play with each other. They could give the team passes to go watch the game together. They could host office parties or movie nights. Even a gym in the office gives people the opportunity to find a gym buddy at work. When people take part in these activities, they form a bond with the people in the office and create a culture of good relationships. People who are not interested in these activities still become a part of the culture and bond with the entity. These minor considerations are what make a fun office.

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