What To Eat Pre And Post Workout
Andrew Parker - January 12, 2022

It’s the start of the new year and you’ve set some new resolutions for yourself. For many, it’s hitting the gym more and feeling good on the inside, as well as the outside. If you’ve gotten yourself into a good routine, the next important step is understanding the best ways to fuel your body. You need to eat food before your workout that will give you enough energy, and you have to nourish your muscles after your workout. So what is the best food to eat before and after a workout? This will depend on your fitness goals. Do you want to gain muscle, lose weight or just maintain your current body? Let’s break it down into the three categories first.

Getty Images/Moment/Grace Cary

If your focus is weight gain, you should focus more on carbohydrate based foods that have high glycemic index. For example, fruit juice, cereal with milk and white bread. But if you are looking for weight loss, you should focus more on low glycemic index carbohydrate foods. For example, fresh vegetables and long grain brown rice. Keep at least a two hour gap of eating before you workout as well since your food is still being broken down from the previous meal. Now, if you are just looking to maintain your weight, you should focus on a good balance of carbs and proteins. For example, egg whites and oatmeal. However, these are just guidelines since everyone’s bodies react differently.

You might gain or lose more weight eating certain foods. You should do further research of your own on the proper diet to achieve your fitness goals if you are serious about it. But, here is a list of foods that give you high energy before and after workouts. For protein, try lean meat like turkey, tuna or chicken. You can also eat beans and eggs. For carbs, try cereal, oatmeal and whole wheat pasta which will give you a great burst of energy and long lasting endurance. Additionally, fruits like watermelon, oranges and apples contain high levels of electrolytes which is essential in replenishing what your body loses during a workout. It is best to take in your pre and post workouts approximately one hour before or after your workout.  Now go crush that workout!

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