Which Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Starter is Right For You?
Alexandra Wade - July 22, 2023

Pokemon has been a franchise that has impacted people all over the world, regardless of age, for well over two decades. It offers a relatively simple formula, in that you live in a world where humans coexist with wonderful creatures called Pokemon. You, a Pokemon Trainer, are given a partner Pokemon so that you may travel the region and challenge other trainers, gym leaders and champions to prove your worth as a Pokemon Master. With the recent release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, trainers all over the world are wondering the same thing: which starter pokemon should I choose for my new journey? If you’re thinking the same thing, we’ve got you covered!

First up, we have Sprigatito, the Grass Cat Pokemon. It’s an adorable pokemon which has stellar Speed stats and above average Attack stats. However, it will find itself at a disadvantage every now and then because of the many types that resist Grass attacks, and also the fact that Grass type Pokemons have a considerable amount of weaknesses. Its final evolution, Meowscarada gets a secondary Dark typing which, while giving it access to powerful Dark type moves, also gives it more weaknesses for a total of 7. This is the ideal starter if glass-cannon attackers are your style.

Getty Images/ AFP/ Robin Van Lonkhuijsen

Secondly, we have the Fire Croc Pokemon, Fuecoco, which ultimately evolves into Skeledirge. This Fire/Ghost Pokemon, unlike Meowscarada, is a primarily defensive one. Its ghost typing makes it weaker to Dark and Ghost moves, but it also makes it completely immune to strong physical Normal and Fighting ones. This starter is ideal for those taking a defensive approach.

Quaxly and its final evolution, Quaquawal, are an interesting choice because of the Water/Fighting dual-typing. Possessing a more all-rounder stat spread, Quaquawal won’t exactly be a heavy-hitter or resilient tank, but its natural sass and dance animations are a treat to watch nonetheless!

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