Why Creatives Should Dive Into NFT’s
Claire Miles - April 3, 2022

Covid-19 separated us and further pushed the world into the digital space. Unfortunately, this turn to digital boxed their opportunities for creatives, which sometimes depend on live interactions to make a living. However, with the rise of Non-Fungible Tokens(NFTs), creatives can not incentivize their art and make a living while at it.

One of the most crucial parts of creative work is preserving authenticity. Unfortunately, we had never owned anything digital before cryptocurrencies. We sent films and graphics, recycled them, and posted them. Still, there was no way to automatically gain full and concrete ownership of a digital file or artwork. That is no longer the case with NFTs. Digital artists can now freely lend, sell, and exhibit their work. NFTs also ensure a global reach for creatives. Until recent events in world history made much of these physical events no longer viable, creatives generated money through activities in the actual world, such as exhibitions and markets. Art collection shifted to the Internet with the introduction of NFT trading. This gives many creatives who previously had no way to sell their work the opportunity to do so.

The strength of NFTs and potential applications also enable you to build your own audience – a community based on and linked to these digital tokens. It’s easier than ever to give your fans direct rewards that transform them into even more prominent supporters by fully utilizing the inherent rarity and exclusivity of NFTs. Finally, NFTs introduce new revenue models for artists and creatives. Because NFTs are programmable, they can be used to reward artists for resale royalties in a seamless manner. You get a cut of every transaction when your original NFT is resold. There’s no need for an intermediary. Whether you’re still hesitant or thoroughly convinced, the possibilities and benefits of NFTs for creatives and artists are numerous. So what’s the most thrilling aspect? There’s still so much more to discover.

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