Why is Excessive Screen Time Damaging?
Claire Miles - February 28, 2023

We have always been told that phone usage can be highly damaging and is the root cause of all the issues. Stomach pain: You must have used your phone excessively and gone for a walk. Back Pain; Oh you use your phone at the wrong angle. Every problem that arises is a somewhat reference to what we did while using our phones. However, by no means are they wrong as excessive phone usage leads to multiple issues. Cell phone usage has become a severe issue and is termed “cell phone addiction.”

Many teens have been addicted to their cell phones for so long that it affects their eyesight. The rays emitted through the phone damage the retina, the final layer of the eye known for reflecting the correct amount of light rays. Damage to eyesight is irreplaceable. Furthermore, significant concern has been shown in regard to their posture. Many teens ruin their posture just because the angle at which they use their phones is exceptionally uncomfortable. These teens further experience a lack of confidence just by destroying their stances. Not only this, parents complain that kids who do use excessive phones are more likely to act as rebel children.

Furthermore, not only this but children are more likely to waste their time on mobile and this screen time can lead their performance in school to be affected. Research has shown that children who spend more time on the phone are less likely to spend their time in more creative and learning environments. The usage of phones is beneficial but to a certain level. It is highly disadvantageous if children spend most of their time on the phone. Furthermore, parents should create such an environment that their children do not just get attracted to the usage of phones.

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