Why Rollerblade’s Were The Greatest Form Of Transportation In The ’90s
Marc Gordon - July 1, 2018

We all know that there were few things that were cooler than having your very own pair of rollerblades. It was the it thing to do, and was at the top of every kid’s Christmas wish list.  They had intense buckles and come in totally rad colors. Wearing them, we felt like we could move faster than the speed of light.

Anyone that didn’t have them would be super duper jealous, walking around on their regular legs like normal people.  It began with athletes using them, but with time, people started to realize how much fun it really was to ride around with them, making it one of the biggest trends of the ’90s.

Although today there are still people that use them, it doesn’t have the same cool connotation.  People don’t really show off the fact that they use them.  But back in the day? Riding with roller blades was basically apart of your identity.

We loved to ride around and show off our fluorescent color shorts, and bright pink or lime green knee and elbow pads that would protect us from all of our crazy stunt attempt fails.

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