Why Should You Have Salads?
Rachel Jones - May 13, 2023

You would have guessed right, salads are extremely healthy for your health. They contain all the healthy nutrients including fibers, proteins, fats and iron. However, many people complain that consuming salads is boring. They are wrong. You can make your salads extremely exciting by personalizing your salads to whatever you like. This article will not only share the health benefits of salads but will also give you recipes for some of the most delicious salads and their dressings.

A research was conducted which concluded that people who had a higher intake of salads were known to have higher amounts of folic acids, vitamin C, vitamin B, Lycopene IQ, Alpha and Beta Carotene. These nutrients are known to be extremely beneficial for the body and mind. Folic Acid is essential for women as they are more susceptible to loss of hemoglobin while folic acid is known to generate the required amount. Moreover, salads are full of healthy fibers that are known to prevent and treat constipation. They are also known to simultaneously regulate cholesterol levels. We all know how important it is for us to have good amounts of fats included in our diet. Incorporating salads into your life means that you are well versed with good forms of fats in your diets that not only provide you with instant energy but also help maintain your overall health.

However, there are multiple recipes available that are just known as a “salad scam”. These recipes are filled with excessive fats and calories. Avoid recipes that include creams and fried proteins. Some dressings such as ranch, thousand islands and mayonnaise are full of unhealthy fats that are known to cause heart problems. The ideal dressing should be of olive oil and lemon juice which are known to taste extremely good yet healthy for your wellbeing.

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