Why Video Games Can Be Good For You
Claire Miles - August 16, 2022

Video games are one of the most popular forms of visual entertainment
nowadays, it is children’s favorite way to spend their weekends playing games like Mario kart and Fortnite, two of this decade’s most loved video games, on their Nintendos, Xboxes, and PlayStations. Video games are also played by many adults, some even taking part in global competitions for cash prizes, fame, or even just purely for the fun of it. As fun as video gaming is, it also has quite a few cons which mothers worry about and makes us think about how video games are a kind of entertainment.

Video games are undoubtedly enjoyable and are a great way to relax and spend
time by playing, be it by yourself, with friends and family, or even with other players
online. However, that’s the catch. What mothers worry about is the health and
safety of their children while playing games online.

While most children aren’t bothered by their online privacy, it is, and understandably, a huge concern for mothers, as playing online with strangers has many hazards, such as exposure to privacy, lack of security, and sometimes access to mature content. Therefore, many mothers take extra measures by setting parental controls on their children’s games in order to protect them from harmful content on the internet, however, it
is very easy for kids to bypass these locks, so extra care should be taken to
provide adult supervision on their activity on screens at all times.  Along with privacy and security meters, health is also a problem regarding video games. Too much use of screens can lead to addiction, negative behavior, eye problems, sleep irregularity, and much more, which is why children should only be allowed a certain time of screen use per day, set by their guardian.

Although video games are a form of entertainment which are mostly associated
with negative health effects, they can be good in the aspect of stress relief as well
as being a catalyst for mental health improvement, releasing dopamine and
development of social skills as long as played with moderation.

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