Why We Love Dua Lipa
Claire Miles - February 1, 2022

Ever since signing up with the Warner group in 2015, Dua Lipa has gone ahead to become a sensational music star. Her name is constantly topping the charts, and every awards list is a testament to her growing successful music career. Her success isn’t an overnight one, as Dua Lipa began uploading her music covers to youtube when she was 14. With the music superstar bagging American music awards from every angle and features in music hits, here are some reasons we love Dua Lipa.

Getty Images/Getty Images Entertainment/Kevin Winter

First, she fights against women’s oppression. Dua Lipa is known for her stand against women’s oppression. Her recent stand against the restrictions of abortion is one of such stands. She says her freedom is what she primarily stands for and states that women deserve to live their lives the way they want and deserve to. She also inspires the younger generation. Dua Lipa believes that her accomplishments can help push others to reach for the starts when it comes to their dreams. One of her recent messages was to advise women and the younger generation to work towards their goal, no matter what it is.

In one of her interviews, she said, “Make sure you take pride in the things that you do so that you put 100 percent into the art that you create – and that applies not just in the music, fashion on creative industries, but in whatever industry you work in.”
We also love her for her style. Because of her fearless fashion style, Dua Lipa is the face of many big fashion brands like Libre, Saint Laurent, etc. Her style is fun, lively, and is very catchy too. And lastly, we love her music and voice. Of course, this list isn’t complete without the hits she puts out to her fans. Her dancehall hits are always sure to get you off the chair and dancing the night away.

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