Why Work Should Be Fun
Rachel Jones - July 2, 2023

Even while having fun at work is occasionally perceived as a distraction, research indicates that it has a good effect on engagement, creativity, and purpose, which boosts employee retention and lowers turnover. We are more motivated to work hard and finish activities when we love them. We become more resilient when we schedule time for happiness and laughing.

You may often gain a new viewpoint with only a tiny alteration.For instance, publisher Associate manager Erica James said how just renaming her “To-Do List” as a “Fun List” causes her to change her perspective from “I need to cross these things off today” to “I’m ready to have fun today.”

Leadership consultant Jamie Kenn utilizes music to take the burden off her job and make it enjoyable. She plays concert footage from her favorite musicians in the background while working on difficult assignments. “Singers are excellent actors on screen, and they engage their audiences by being upbeat and enjoyable. I feel like the most entertaining, greatest version of myself when I connect with that vibe. I am courageous, energetic, and joyful.

Getty Images/ OJO Images/ Martin Barraud

Katty John occasionally employs music as a kind of inspiration. She hears Yo-Yo Ma perform Bach’s “Six Unaccompanied Cello Suites” from 2016. With just one brief interlude, the song performed the suites for almost three hours totally by memory. She finds it motivating to watch and listen to him perform.

It might occasionally seem more creative to work in a different physical location. Paul James, a principal human resources officer, said he occasionally works or thinks about things “offsite.” Brice Adams Park in Manhattan was one of his favorite spots when he resided in New York. There were seats and tables put up on the grass for guests in the spring and summer, providing a wonderful contrast to the busy city environs. I found this brief relocation to be reviving, and it really improved my productivity, he stated.

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