Why you should read “It ends with Us”
Claire Miles - October 11, 2022

It ends with us is a bestselling novel written by Colleen Hover who is known for writing exceptionally well. With the advent of multiple phones and gaming technology, reading books has been sidelined. This has particularly been an issue as the concentration of spam among many teenagers has been compromised with the excessive use of technology. Thus, it is essential to value books, read them, and pass on the gift to your loved ones.

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This book tells the story of Lily Bloom and Ryle Kincirand. The book talks about domestic abuse as one of the most important issues. Even the book cover is highly thoughtful where they have shown a small lily flower broken into shambles. The book is an ode to all the domestic abuse survivors and calls them to take a stand for their rights. In our lives, we have at least once dealt with emotional and physical abuse. However, when we hear a story of a person who was abused we simply call them out for not leaving the situation. This is because we have been so accustomed to the hurt and pain that we do not value standing up for it. The book confidently talks about such issues through the main character Lily Bloom who owns a flower shop.

Recently the author announced that a script has been finalized for the book and they are planning to make a movie out of it. Moreover, the book is a highly personal script of the author which is highly inspired by the life of her mother. Furthermore, part two of the book “It starts with us” will be released on 18th October 2022 and it will be from the point of view of her love, Atlas Corrington. Readers can not wait to hold a copy of it.

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