Why You Should Watch Gossip Girls
Laura Lee - May 23, 2022

Summer break is around the corner. We have all been searching for good shows that can help us avoid staying bored. Netflix is all full of shows but finding the right show to avoid the sudden wave of sadness and boredom, gossip girls is the perfect show to binge-watch.

Getty Images/GC Images/James Devaney

Gossip girl contains the perfect amount of drama, romance, and wholesomeness that you can obviously adore. The show will keep you hooked throughout the summer break. Odysseus describes the show, “You should obviously watch the show because of the fashion, drama, the love triangles and, of course, Chuck Bass.” This article will describe the reasons why you should watch the show. The number reason is Chuck Bass, who is played by Ed Westwick who has off-and-on chemistry with Blair Waldorf. They both try working on their relationship throughout the struggles however, due to multiple ups and downs, however, they end up staying together. Furthermore, the outfits in gossip girls are worth looking at. At every event, the outfits are popping.

This adds to the aesthetic sense of the show. Furthermore, the show portrays the children of broken families which signifies how children with broken families are hurt and unable to process their feelings in a positive manner. Not only this, the drama represents complex love triangles that keep the viewer hooked on the show. Precisely, the show revolves around the lives of six upper east siders, who experience betrayal, love, and competition and struggle until they reach the phase in their lives where they are somewhat stable. The show was also criticized as it contained elements that can be used as a breach of privacy. The main character leaks information about the characters which leads to news spreading everywhere.

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