Would You Actually Want To Live In The 90s?
Claire Miles - June 29, 2018

As much as we all love to reminisce about the ‘90s, about the good old days, how everything was so much better then, how we had no worries, and that our lives completely suck now with so much technology, if you really think deep, hard, and long about it, we’re not completely sure that everyone would still feel this way.  I know it sounds crazy, but just take a few minutes to really think about.

How would you feel about having to call up your crush on their landline (you know since no one had a cellphone then) and then having to talk to their parents first? It doesn’t sound so great, now does it?  Are you feeling just a little more grateful for your smartphone?

And how about the fact that we no longer need to stay up late to surf the internet to have it not busy up our phone line. Ever think of that? We take it for granted that we can be on the internet all day and on our cell phone, but once upon a time – this was not possible. And remember when we had to wait for what felt like an eternity to get every web page to load? Well, that’s now history, do you really want to go back to that?

You should also surely be grateful for apps such as Shazam, because were sure you never actually enjoyed having to anxiously wait for the DJ to tell you what the song named is called on the radio.  And having to call up the radio station to ask for your favorite song to be played, since you didn’t have the CD? Are you really going to honestly say that you wish you didn’t have Spotify?

Remember when you had to rewind your VHS’s to watch a movie properly? Or having to buy an entire CD just for one song?  Remember when you went to Blockbuster and had to hope and pray that the movie you wanted was available, or when you had to actually use a real encyclopedia to look something up?

How about when you took pictures and had to wait weeks to see how they turned out? Do you really not love all of the instant gratification that your smartphone gives you?  Remember your drawer full of food delivery flyers, because otherwise you wouldn’t have known what to order, or only being able to order for just a very few select places.

We get it. The nostalgia is incredible. The simple days of the ‘90s were without a doubt incredible and we will always cherish them fondly. But come to think of it, we really don’t have it so bad together either. Agreed?

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