Yogis Who Took Their Yoga Practice To The Next Level
Laura Lee - July 26, 2019

While many people think that yoga is limited to stretching, breathing, and sometimes some mediation, this couldn’t be more false. Yoga is actually anything you want it to be and can be practiced in any way, shape, or form that your heart desires. Here are some epic yogis that truly prove this point in the most unique and hilarious ways possible.


Literally Bending Over Backwards



We’re all familiar with the expression bending over backward, of course.  For the most part, it’s not meant so literally but is said to describe someone who has really gone out of their way and done everything possible to make something happen, without actually bending their bodies in any way, shape, or form. This yoga teacher, however, has taken this expression to the next level in order to make her class all that more extra.


Yo What



So there’s yoga, and then there’s yo what the heck is going on here? It’s similar, but not quite the same exactly, missing just the second part of the word. While this may be an attempt at yoga, it sure doesn’t look like it, or at least not like any kind of pose or move that we’re familiar with, or will ever be able to do no matter how long and hard we may practice. Some people are either just born with this natural talent, or just don’t know how to stretch without stretching things too far.  It could really go either way.


Double Take Downward Dog



Well, well, well, it seems like this yoga class was a whole lot more exciting and adventurous for these two people than they expected it to be. They heard the teacher was good and all kinds of new positions, but they surely new thought it would reach this level. Wait, on second thought – let’s stop and take a double take. Ok, so maybe it’s not as we thought, but the perfect positioning is still pretty epic.


Horsing Around



While growing up, our parents and teachers always told us to stop horsing around. This girl though clearly didn’t get the memo, or decided that she wanted to be totally rebellious. So even in yoga, she managed to somehow find a way to horse around. While perhaps not the best idea in the world, she’s clearly got some incredible balance and core strength to be able to hold such a position. Way to go girl.


Grandma Gone Wild



Age is really just a number and is a choice. Eighty seven year old yoga instructor Bette Calman truly proves this point in the most stylish way possible, and is totally killing it and this headstand, doing it better than most of us could ever dream of.  Do take note however not to try this home without checking with your doctor prior.


Pushing It



In many relationships, one (or both) of the partners often push their limits with their requests and with their boundaries. This couple though? They’ve decided to literally push things, including his forehead and brain with no shortage of weight pressing down on it. That really can’t be too pleasant for him, even if it is the latest and most popular yoga move out there.


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