Your iPhone Can Look Like An Old Mac
Laura Lee - April 18, 2018

In the past few years, it appears as though society is having some serious trouble deciding which decade we’d most like to bring back – the 80s or the 90s? But truth be told, no matter how hard we try to relive the good old days and experience the nostalgia, all of our new fancy hi-tech gadgets are the epitome of the fact that we are not in the 80s, nor the 90s.

So if you’ve ever struggled with the fact that that your iPhone is just a little bit too modern, Slick Wraps are here to save the day. The skin won’t completely protect your phone from smashing, but it’s fan cutouts, beige color and super iconic rainbow logo will bring you right back to your old Mac computers, where Apple first gained it’s fame.

The vintage skin is suitable for the iPhone 5S and costs $19.84, a completely intentional price.  If this isn’t quite authentic enough for you, then the Colorware custom iPhone 7 + Retro is painted to match the 1980’s look.  The only problem here? It’ll put you back an entire $1899.  Maybe we’ll just stick to the skin and call it a day.

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