You’ve Been Singing The Friends Theme Song Wrong
Marc Gordon - April 10, 2018

Take a deep breathe before you read this, get yourself a big glass of water, and make sure you’re not home alone, you might need some backup support.  We’ve just learned that we’ve been singing the lyrics to the Friends theme song all wrong for years, and we’re all beyond shocked.

Saturday Night Takeaway hosts Stephen M  ulhern, Scarlett Moffatt and Declan Donnelly made their way to Universal Resort in Florida for the Friends season finale in April. The musical guest, The Rembrandts played their famous song live, I’ll Be There For You,  also known as the Friends theme song. We most obviously adored it, it’s the song we all love and know.

However, during the Singalong segment, one woman shockingly noticed that none of us actually know the correct words to the chorus.  As she sang When the rain starts to fall, she realized that the actual words are When the rain starts to pour. 

We’re all having trouble accepting this, but after rewatching the opening credits, we’re pretty surprised that we didn’t manage to notice our mistake before. Oh well, at least now we know.

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