nostalgiaa non tangible book of memories
October 11th, 2018

Nostalgia. That bittersweet feeling of missing something from the past. That longing for that feeling of home, for comfort. It comes in many different forms, different shapes and sizes. We all like to look back at the past for a wide variety of reasons. The past has something so thrilling and desirable for most us, it’s an attraction that we can feel driven towards in virtually all aspects of life. When we look back, we are in fact indulging in social history, and similar to all types of history - for the most part, we’ve only gotten to the first layer of what there is to know.

Nostalgia can be a rather time-consuming hobby, while at the same time highly stimulating and rewarding. We can always dig deeper, and get involved with our nostalgia, whether it be through old photographs, newspaper cuttings, old friends, places that we visited as children, magazines, toys, classic songs and even foods.

As we grow up, we often develop an increased sense of appreciation for certain aspects of our past, and become more fond of the memories than ever before. It's one of the most beautiful and special feelings out there.

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