The Epic '90s To Infinity... And Beyond!
March 27, 2018

The ‘90s were without a doubt the absolute best time to be a kid. There’s no if, but’s, or, maybe’s - it’s a known fact and is not open to debate whatsoever. There’s obviously plenty of reasons why were all now dedicating pretty much our entire lives to ‘90s nostalgia, whether it be finding it, thinking about it, talking about it, whatever it is related to the ‘90s, we want to be there more than anything.

Everything about this beloved decade was completely epic, and simply cannot be found today like it was back in the day. For starters, the music of the ‘90s is like no other, and was the time period when the most talented pop stars made their claim to fame while completely stealing our hearts with their hit songs.

Let’s not forget about the toys. Toys of the ‘90s were once in a lifetime kind of things, with endless priceless games and trinkets that gave us the most amusing and memorable childhood possible. We were so incredibly blessed.

Then there was the ‘90s foods that have unfortunately left our shelves. All those sugary cereals, sugary drinks, sugary breakfast foods, candies, chocolate bars, we’re still struggling to understand how we’ve been managing with most of them being discontinued.

And the style, what about the style? We’re all still crying over the regret we have from throwing away our old clothes and hand-me downs from our relatives. Instead, we’ve got no choice but to spend all of our salaries at Urban Outfitters to try to revive the items we once had.

Maybe we’re all just really simple people, and all these new technologies, inventions, and upgrades are not really what we want. Or maybe we were all just too young to remember any real struggles. Either way, just please, take us back to the ‘90s where everything was completely dreamy and perfect.

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