all of your memories stored an online album for life
June 13th, 2018

Facebook’s On This Day feature, as well as other nostalgic inspired posts are super helpful for reminding us of special moments from the past.

Eventually however, they fade out of our News Feed. But what if you want to check them out again, even if it’s not a year to date? Well now you can, thanks to Facebook’s new Memories section, and it’s got all of the anniversaries and special souvenirs saved for you in one simple place.

It even includes memories that you might have missed as well as recaps that help you summarize a season and catch up on important milestones. And as you probably hoped for, you can in fact control which moments appear in your Memories.

This was specifically thought out so that you wouldn’t have to deal with painful memories that you would prefer not to see. The new feature is available on the Memories bookmark on desktop, and on the smartphone app in the ‘more’ section.

It might also send you some notifications here and there, and if it manages to get you to reconnect with an friend, than Facebook has a mission complete.

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