Dogs are a man's best friend
August 24, 2021

There is nothing quite like the bond between a human and thier dog. Have you ever looked at your dog and wondered how you could possibly have so much love in your heart for this little creature? Well, there's actually a reason for it. Besides for being fluffy and playful, the bond we have with our furry friends intensifies when we look in their eyes. The reason? The happy hormone, Oxytocin gets produced in our brains as well as in our pups. Is that amazing or what?

They make the best companions, can reduce our stress levels and put us in a better mood all by being their goofy selves. They wait for us patiently to come home everyday, give us endless licks, protect us, and are always up for a game of tug of war. Sure, they come with a lot of responsibility, and even though our doggos can be a handful at times, we wouldn't change them for the world.

Dogs hold a special place in our heart, and provide a loyal friendship like no other. They easily become the treasued member of any family, and its not too long until they become the most spoiled too. Whether it's a big dog, small dog, or anything in between, our puppers and their loveable character and companionship will always be appreciated. With all their cuteness, it's hard not to want one. Who wouldn't want a fully best friend?

"We are shaped by our thoughts, we become what we think"
Gautama Buddha